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Custom Solutions

Quick and Convenient from Booking to Billing

In the 20 years since our founding, we’ve worked hard to perfect both the short and the long-term stay; making that experience one that centers around comfort, convenience and affordable rates. During that time, we’ve come to understand — better than anyone else — not only the needs of our guests, but also the needs of the travel professional.

One Invoice, Once a Month

Direct Billing*

Booked. Paid. Moving on. It’s that easy with direct billing. Instead of tracking and compiling hundreds of invoices that show up in your inbox on a random basis, you get one Extended Stay America invoice once a month. Now, you needn’t spend another second thinking about it and can move onto something more important; like booking your next stay with us.

Custom Landing Page*

Put what they need right at their fingertips

We will build you your own personalized landing page that you can place on your corporate site. Here, your associates will be able to book their own stay, while automatically receiving the special rate that you receive as an Extended Stay America partner. The entire process is simpler and easier for everyone. And that means you save both time and money.


One Point of Contact

Whenever you need assistance throughout the process, you can count on a dedicated sales professional. We are experts in arranging short and long-term stay accommodations for all professionals.


Referral Incentives and Perks

Interested in making some additional dollars simply by sending someone our way? Ask us about our referral program. Want to enjoy instant rewards and discounts through a unique loyalty program? As us about extended perks, where you can enjoy real benefits immediately, as opposed to collecting points that never seem to add up to anything.