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Handling logistics is hard. Finding the right short and long-term stay hotel shouldn’t be.

When you are training new drivers you want to make sure they get a good night’s rest so that they can be attentive and productive each day. You don’t want to worry about where they will eat breakfast, how they will do laundry or how far they need to travel each day. With 629 hotels nationwide, we’re pretty sure that you can find an Extended Stay America that is conveniently located. All of our hotel rooms feature a fully equipped kitchen with full size fridge, allowing guests to store food and prepare meals (just like home), saving dollars by not eating out all the time. Add to that a package of amenities that includes free wi-fi in every room, guest laundry facilities, free grab-and-go breakfast, and a flat screen television with free premium channels, and your trainees are staying — and saving — comfortably.  We can also offer them a corporate loyalty program where they enjoy discounts and rewards the instant they sign up, instead of collecting points that they can redeem “sometime down the road.”  With all that we offer, we’re sure that your group on the road will discover that we are the best short and long-term stay value by the day, week, or month.

a kitchen, a great price, the hotel that’s just right℠

629 locations

With 629 hotels and nearly 70,000 rooms, we’ll make certain that your stay is productive, affordable, comfortable, and convenient.

fully-equipped kitchen

Prepare your own meals in a fully equipped kitchen with full-size fridge. Save the time and money you’d spend dining out during your stay.

exceptional value

With no minimum stay requirements, we’re the best value by the day, week, or month.  We offer competitive rates to accommodate specific budgets.

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